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Friday, 26 April 2013

The Ninth Mandaean Camp

Written by  Suhaib Nashi

Niagara Falls August 13-15 Compark ResortMore than 125 Mandaeans convened from all over the world for the ninth

annual Mandaean Camp. Attending a cozy retreat in Niagara Falls, Canada, Mandaeans from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia enjoyed three days of mild weather celebrating their heritage with family and friends.

Among the most important highlights of the camp was the large number of youth who attended. The ease and conviviality with which they congregated and befriended brought joy to every parent's heart and reinforced for all of us the main reason we assemble every year.

Money was raised for several very worthwhile causes. The camp attendees donated more than $1,750 to the Mandi in Detroit and Dr. Khawla Al-Roomi of the UK donated the proceeds of her book to the Mandaean Associations Union to promote the printing and publishing of more books.

Other Highlights from the Camp:

Bassam Saddawi helped the Canadian Mandaean Associations played a major role in arranging the Camp and make it a success.

Ziad Sbahi was our star in arranging for the music and playing the DJ and his Oud.

Aziz Sbahi , the creator of the idea of the Camp, was there as usual for support with his wisdom and suggestions.

Many thanks all those who attended and helped make the camp a resounding success.