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The Mandaeans are part of the indigenous people of Iraq. They are a religious and ethnic minority that is facing annihilation. All articles of the UN declaration that apply to the protection of the indigenous, ethnic and religious minorities are compatible with their situation and should be applied. The Sabian Mandaeans in Iraq are looking for protection .

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  • Benja +

    Days of Commemorations---Parwanaiia or Panja (Banja) (Benja)Parwanaiia or Panja is one of the most holy of the religious holidays celebrated Read More
  • The Reconsecration of the Mandi +

    The hut must be re-consecrated yearly after the pollution caused by the five days preceding Panja (which are dedicated to Read More
  • Who Are the Mandaeans? +

    The Mandaeans are a religious sect of great antiquity that still exists in limited numbers in the border territories of Read More
  • Mandaean belief system +

    Below is a very simple list (using English terminology) of the Mandaean belief system. A monotheistic belief system Adam was Read More
  • Mandaean Moral Values +

    Mandaean Moral Values "And when ye , my chosen ones give alms, do not proclaim it to anybody. If ye proclaim Read More
  • History Highlights +

    275 ADThe Kaftir inscription at Naqsh-I-Rustam mention religious groups that are persecuted at the hands of the Sassanians. 272 ADThis Read More
  • Where Are The Mandaeans +

    The Mandaeans have for the last 2000 years resided along the banks of the Lower Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Read More
  • The Mandaean Alphabet +

    The alphabet is called by the Mandaeans the abaga. Each letter according to them represents a power of life and Read More
  • Ginza Rabba "The Great Treasure" The Holy Book of the Mandaeans in English +

     Although Mandaeans neglected to document their history and have lost much of their oral traditions, they were quite eager to Read More
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